KSPS Programs

Become a Certified Phlebotomist!

KSPS offers hands-on training by Certified Allied Healthcare Instructors. Our instructors have over 20 years of Medical Phlebotomy experience and know the importance of high quality, professional and compassionate healthcare training – all necessary in ensuring you become an asset in the medical field.

KSPS can provide you with the pathway to a rewarding career. From certificate programs in phlebotomy to CPR courses — we’ll help you choose the right path and whichever direction you take, we’ll be by your side the entire way.

Course Description:

This course of instruction prepares individuals for entry-level jobs as phlebotomists. Graduates may find suitable employment with hospitals, nursing homes, and laboratories. Upon completion of this program students will be able to evaluate a patient’s ability to withstand procedure, locate veins on a patient’s arm, store blood and apply tourniquets to patients’ arms, perform basic point of care testing, prepare blood, urine, and other specimens for testing, and maintain medical equipment such as needles and test tubes.

How do I apply?

We want to make sure you know what to expect as you begin the process of becoming a student at KS Phlebotomy School. Below, you will find basic information about our admission process. If you’re motivated to make a big change in your life, KS Phlebotomy School ready to help you reach your career goals.

Application Process

All students will:
● Complete an application form
● Meet with a medical career specialist
● Successfully pass an entrance exam
● Submit necessary documentation and meet specific program admissions requirements*
● Interview with program director or campus representative

*(Requirements vary by program)

When are classes offered?

4-Week Evening ProgramMonday – Thursday4 pm – 9 pm
4-Week Day ProgramMonday – Thursday9 am – 2 pm
7-Week Weekend ProgramSaturday & Sunday9 am – 3:30 pm

How much does the program cost?

The cost for Phlebotomy Training and Certification through KSPS is $1600 (includes one-time certification exam fee, KSPS does not cover retests).

How soon can I get started?

4-Week program (Monday-Thursday) offered on the following dates:

Winter 2023January 9 – February 2February 6 – March 2
Spring 2023March 20 – April 13April 17 – May 11May 15 – June 8
Summer 2023June 26 – July 20July 24 – August 17August 21 – September 14
Fall 2023September 18 – October 12October 16 – November 9,November 27 – December 21

7-week program (Saturday & Sunday) offered on the following dates:

Winter 2023January 7 – February 19
Spring 2023March 25 – May 7
Summer 2023August 5 – September 17
Fall 2023September 23 – November 5

Is KSPS accredited?


KS Phlebotomy School, LLC (KSPS): Approved and Regulated by the Texas Workforce Commission, Career Schools and Colleges, Austin, Texas. Approved and partnered with National Health Career Association.